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Master Your Mind to Master Your Success: 3 Things You Need to Know
Thursday, December 11, 2014

This is the 3rd article in our series on the 10 Top Performance Tips to Revolutionize Your Business in 2015.  This week we are sharing with you 3 things you need to know to master your mind so you can master your success.  

  1. Your success or failure starts in your mind.  A significant amount of research has been conducted on how what we think has a powerful impact on the level of success we can and will achieve.  The bottom line is that what you think about the most, you get.  What you think about actually produces those exact same or similar results in your work and life. One of the biggest reasons people fail to achieve their goals and live up to their potential is because they don’t think they are capable of doing it.  They don’t think they are smart enough or talented enough to accomplish the things they dream of accomplishing.  Since they don’t believe they can do it, they never try.  Or, if they do get started they usually won’t do what it takes to push through the challenges and obstacles along the way because they don’t believe they will be successful in the end.  In order to perform at the highest levels and live up to our incredible potential, our thoughts must align with and support what it is we want to achieve.  We must believe we can and will achieve it.     
  2. You can change your results by changing your thinking.  If you don’t like the results you are achieving in your work, life, or business, you can change things by changing your thinking.  When we work with our clients, we spend time helping them master their thinking because we know it is absolutely one of the most crucial keys to determining the level of success they will achieve.  Successful people have a specific way they think.  They also know how to change their thoughts when they don’t support them in achieving what they desire.      
  3. You can consciously choose your thoughts.  You might think you have no control over what you think, that your thoughts just pop into your head.  That’s not necessarily true.  You actually can learn how to be aware of and consciously choose your thoughts.  And, even if you have some thoughts that are not supportive that pop into your head, you don’t have to let them stay there and rule your life.  You can learn how to purposefully choose the thoughts you want to have and learn how to replace old, non-supportive thoughts with new, supportive thoughts.  Being aware of thoughts, understanding whether or not they support you in achieving what you want, and knowing how to change them to be more supportive, is a critical skill that you can learn. 

Take action:  Take what you’ve learned and put it into action with these three steps:  1) Be aware of your thoughts.  2) Assess whether or not your thoughts support you in achieving your goals.  3) Consciously replace your non-supportive thoughts with supportive and goal-aligned thoughts.  We look forward to hearing about the successful changes you make. 

Stay tuned.  Next week we will share more helpful information about engaging employees.     




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